FOR SMOG, FOG, DUST and VOCs, Killing Bacterias, Outdoor Air Cleaning, Air Purification , Green Energy

  • Current cost 7 to 55 lakhs
  • To be installed on field surface, roof or trucks.
  • Requires 12x12 ft ground space to be installed.
  • Range from 100 meters to upto 1 kms.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • PM 2.5, PM 10 level protection.
  • Process 2 lakhs to 1 crore cubic meters of air per day.
  • Built on patented ACESP technology to protect from Dust, Duct, Smoke, Odour, PM2.5 and PM 10.
  • Lowest maintenance cost, 2000/ month to 6/month.
  • Equipped with AI and IoT technology to regulate machine functioning as per pollution level.
  • Records hourly pollution reading to the control panel to check its real time performance.
  • Installation time is approximately 12 days from the day of receipt of order.
Shuddh Anti Smog Tower

FOR PM2.5, DUST, SMOKE, ODOUR, Carbon Particles, Killing Bacterias

  • Current cost 5 to 22 lakhs
  • To be mounted on Truck or normal government /Trolley mounted
  • Range from 30 meter to 100 Meter
  • 1 year warranty
  • Repair after it.
  • Water tank inbuilt of capacity of 500 litres.
  • 360 degree movement
  • 15 degrees to 65 degree angle.
  • Strong chassis with off road wheels, more ground clearance, distributed balance for movement at rough terrains
  • Cannon can be rotated upto 360 deg easily by single person manually/automatically for effective water evaporation.
  • Cannon mounted on heavy duty bearing base for easy rotation with elevating rod.
  • Panel equipped with all electrical protection for motors.
  • Mounted on truck or normal wheels
  • Deal with PM 2.5
  • Genuine long range dust control
  • Low water Consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Trolley mounted
  • Built on ACESP technology to minimise water uses compared to conventional Anti Smog Cannon upto 92%.
Shuddh Anti Smog Canon


We are team of passionate engineers determined to develop and enhance technology to minimize air pollution level starting from India as Startup India and Make in India initiative. Our advanced achievement in the air purification technique which is patented ACESP (advanced controlled electrostatic precipitator) and our continuous endeavor towards fighting against air pollution is definitely adding values to the society. Our Anti Smog Tower and Anti Smog Cannon are really making its presence by offering excellent performance in minimising air pollution.

Shuddh Anti Smog Tower with patented ACESP technology has already started showing its positive results in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, inaugurated on 3rd Jan 2020 by the beloved cricketer and hon'ble MP Mr. Gautam Gambhir as India’s first and Made in India Smog Tower.

Shuddh Smog/Fog Cannon is designed and developed to handle problem of airborne dust/smoke particles produced by mining, construction / demolition work. It has been observed that Shuddh Smog Cannon protects upto 95% at site making it better place to work.


Kills bacterias, Smoke, Dust, Odor and other airborne pollutants with ACESP technology.

Low maintenance cost as its long lasting filters are washable with water and doesn't require to replace, its life is upto 10 years.

We manufacture in our own factory to offer low cost to our customer.

IOT and AI enabled state of the art technology.

In collaboration with French company which is pioneer in air purification research and development for tecchnical enhancement.




Shuddh Anti Smog Canon
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Shuddh Anti Smog Canon
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